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We really appreciate our customers and value their loyalty and interest in our creations. We also value our customers' feedback as well, so if, for any reason, you're disappointed by any of our products, we really do want to hear about it and want to make it right.

If you have any ideas on how any of our products could be improved, we'd love to hear that as well. We can't possibly envision every different scenario for a product's use, so your input is greatly appreciated. Who knows...you might land yourself a nice new surprise in your mailbox :-)

And, if you love our product...we'd love to know that, too :-)


We do not sell ANYTHING to ANYBODY...unless we make it with our own little hands. That includes emails, addresses, phone numbers, names of first-born children, etc. We really don't like being bombarded by people/companies that we do not know, and we expect our customers feel the same way.


If you love our creations, and you'd like to have some BCDD presence in your store, drop us an email or give us a call — we'd love to talk with you!


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