Luxury Dog Beds


Black Cat Dog Designs is located in rural Williamstown, NY — smack in the heart of the “Lake Effect” snow belt. Our team is dedicated to creating comfortable, custom-crafted lifestyle designs for pets. With the help of our 4-legged and 2-legged design teams, we create furniture-quality pieces for your pets…with our current focus being on building the best dog beds for comfortable sleep. Utilizing classic cabinetry techniques, our beds are dovetail joined and made of local, domestic solid woods - cherry, ash, walnut, oak. Currently, a limited number of pine and hemlock boards harvested from our sustainably-managed 150-acre property are   available for custom design projects. In the near future, authentic weathered barn boards will be added to the list as we dismantle some of the older barn buildings on the property.

We also have a pet-friendly rental unit in our restored dairy barn — PondView Lodge offers you and your pets a wonderfully rural and relaxed time — hope you can visit sometime!


comfortable, custom-crafted bed designs for today’s pets