Today, the pet marketplace is flooded with luxury dog beds of all shapes, sizes, cushioning and...prices. But most of what you'll find is basically a floor pillow.

Some people take issue with those "floor pillows" complaining they are "dust magnets" and, in some cases, end up getting damp and smelly.

We found ourselves in that group, and  decided to try something else…

We started designing and making our own pet beds.

And, to a bit of our surprise, we found our pets actually like them…and use them - making them the best dog beds ever!

With an elevated frame construction, our beds offer your pet a comfortable sleeping environment.

• Ventilation - No more drafty floors or damp cushions. In some homes, extreme temperature difference between cold floors/subfloors and your pet’s body heat can create condensation…resulting in damp cushion bottoms. By elevating the frame off the floor, and adding ventilation holes in the platform, the condensation factor is eliminated.

• Support - The platform bottom offers enough support without being extremely rigid. Top that off with a simple, batting-filled pillow (or your pet’s favorite cushion) and your pet has cushy, dry and comfortable bedding.

comfortable, custom-crafted bed designs for today’s pets




• Style - Highlighted by classic joinery and clean lines, our designs offer petowners designs that look at home…

• Custom sizing - If your pet already has a favorite cushion or a unique sleep position, we can create a custom-sized frame that will provide him/her with their favorite bedding or bed shape…and all the benefits of the elevated frame construction.

• Classic construction - Classic joinery techniques, such as dovetails and box joints, are used for the solid wood frame construction. We prefer to use American hardwoods and softwoods when possible, and really love to use those native to our region, such as red oak, black cherry, white ash, black walnut and poplar.

• American-made - Yes, we handcraft all of our designs in our rural Williamstown, NY workshop. We put a lot of love in our creations, and really enjoy giving you and your pet(s) the quality you appreciate…and deserve.